What we do

A place for perfect and elegant solutions.

What We Do?

  •     Our reason for being is the software and new technologies.
  •     We develop applications that will make your day to day easier.
  •     We advise and plan the implementation of management information systems in your company, in your business, in your store or in your home.
  •     We work on  software projects.
  •     We train people in the use of new technologies.
  •     We integrate our applications they use on a daily basis to improve, extend or replace.
  •     Internationalize your web portal. We’ll make it visible and readable from elsewhere.

In Alhambra Solutions we specialize in developing software. As we believe in free software, our projects and products are based on free software platforms that have large communities of developers.All this sounds great, but as we like to set the record straight for all of you may or may not be technologists. We like to make websites, web pages from where you may discuss topics that you care about those who are necessary for your company or your house.Our software solutions ensures that you will not have to pay any license to anyone who can install as many times and on as many machines as you want the software without being accountable to anyone.In short, our basic software development principles are these:

  • Develop your software. Want you to be able to manage your data, your information, without complications. We do not want to sell you something generic. Build a solution for you that fits you.
  • No strings attached. Your software will be based on open source solutions and always deliver on-the writers program code and all documentation we generate. You’re not tied to us or technology.
  • No licensing costs. We’ll Never ask you to pay us for using our software. We deliver turnkey solutions. It’s your software, your information, you decide.
  • We’ll explain. Strive to make accessible, simple software, but will explain everything we do. We will be available to train you, advise you and give you support. You always have to turn.
  • We promise and deliver. Establish conditions that will not change throughout the project. We will respect the time, costs and deadlines. If we promise we will.
  • We are able. Seek a solution and make it happen. Never will promise what we can not deliver. We have experience. We have worked with clients ranging from large multinational autonomous.