Know Us Well

Right people, right time, right solution

 What is Alhambra Solutions?

  • We are a team. A team of trained, titled, committed and dedicated to software, new technologies.
  • We are professionals. We are responsible. We live in the information age and we know that it makes up a large part of the value of a company, a society, a person. Our goal is to have the information you need at your fingertips whenever you need it and at the same time ensuring that only the people you choose to have access to it.
  • We are nearby. We will be by your side, advising you, supporting you, always looking for the solution that best suits your needs and allows you to optimize your resources. We want to see you grow and go hand in hand.
  • We are free. Bet on free software. Whenever you sell a license, never will force you to hire maintenance. You will be free, unattached, no objections or commitments you will, you will determine your path.
  • We believe in “Wisdom of People”. Many are smarter than the few and diversity of opinions encouraged – even if they are outrageous!
  • We select the right People. To ensure that we fulfill the unique needs of our clients. In fact, we have built a network outside of our own motley Crew to ensure diversity of expertise allowing us to provide branding services tailored to our client’s needs.

Our approach stays true to the key criteria that separate wise crowds from irrational ones:

  •   Diversity of Opinion
  •   Independence of work
  •   Decentralization of Authority
  •   Aggregation

Advances and convergence in technologies is making it possible for informal networks to collaborate on projects and initiatives transforming the typical “Agency” model. The notion of “Economies of Scale” borne from the Industrial Revolution may not necessary be beneficial in the age of the technology driven Knowledge Society. In face scale maybe a detriment since the requirement of the day is flexibility, spontaneity and accessibility.

We have informed our daily lives aware that the way we work together is reflected in our relationship with our customers.

  • Excellence: We always give the best of ourselves, we work together to grow together daily. We seek to learn new things from the best and adopt best practices.
  • Commitment to service:   We are committed and work with passion and joy for timely, friendly and effectively to the needs of our users and partners response, building long-term relationships.
  • Integrity: We respect the essence, values ​​and beliefs of each person recognizing our differences, abilities and opportunities for improvement. We listen carefully to everybody and value their contributions.
  • Honesty:   Our actions are based on truth, transparency and righteousness. We do not believe in hiding or lying as an advantage factor, we respect the moral and legislative norms and principles of business and society.
  • Innovation: We do not fear the future, we take in our hands in the constant search for new tools to help improve quality, processes and profitability of our company and our customers.
  • Teamwork:  We put our talents and knowledge available to each member of the organization to create an environment of trust, collective learning and personal and professional growth. Recognizing and strengthening individual and joint capabilities that lead to success.
  • Alhambra Solutions Principles

    The 4 C of our principles are the qualities that allow us to project ourselves as leaders and fulfill the mission of Make Life Easier for our clients.

    • Constant Customer Support and Update:    Constant  customer support and update of our solutions, give us the edge over competitors. Alhambra Solutions adopts best practices in the market for the clients, while generating the best cost-benefit for our customers.
    • Continual Quality:  In each of our processes, products and services by adopting best practices, taking the best allies and maintaining an ongoing feedback to ensure our customers the satisfaction of their needs.
    • Commitment: With the fulfillment of our promise of value, accepting the needs of our customers as their own timely and effectively to meet each requirement.
    • Confidence: We believe in our people and enjoyed working together. We build trust through clear and open for the benefit of the organization and our customers relationships.
    • Continued Growth:   Conducting ongoing research, transmitting and applying it to the constant improvement of the solutions that allow us to facilitate the lives of more and more users.

    We are born with the mindset of the new age but with the old-fashioned values of years. We hope to get to know each other over a cup of tea.