Electrical Engineering Division

Alhambra Solutions is not only about software development. We offer custom built hardware/ Communication Systems Solutions and Circuit Design as well!

Successfully developed products require a balance of several factors. Alhambra Solutions is aware that quality, cost and time are the key to the success of any project that involved elements. The company believes that innovation is the core of the design process and product development and therefore has a group of experts in their field and committed to customer requirements. You can offer the full development cycle of a product or also collaborate with other companies in specific specialties or services provided through innovation and outstanding cost approach and supporting manufacturing.

Knowledge of Alhambra Solutions covers a wide range of specialties, some of which are: design and engineering of embedded software, 3D mechanical design, hardware design both analog and digital circuit design power or research solutions for EMC (Electro -Magnetic Compatibility). It also has extensive experience in both terrestrial and display technologies Digital RF transmission as of a satellite.

    • Software Development
    • Electronic Design
    • Circuit Design
    • Mechanical Design
    • Communication System Design and Implementation
      • Microwave Communication Design and Implementation
      • Optical Fiber Design and Implementation
      • Satelliate Communication Design and Implementation
      • Exchanges Connectivity Design and Implementation

Circuit/ Electronic Designing and Development .The company has a dedicated team of hardware engineers with extensive experience in the design, development and launch of circuits/electronic products.The electronic division of Alhambra Solutions covers all the capabilities of any electronic product development, ensuring their integration. It is capable of providing the best hardware architecture solution, meeting the technical requirements of the customer and engaging with project requirements in terms of volume of production, unit cost, lead time design, modularity, operability, functionality.Alhambra Solutions can offer all the design cycle of hardware or too isolated electronic engineering services that the client may need.Specialties include:

      • Design and architecture of systems with embedded microprocessors
      • Processing and video and audio solutions
      • Design of analog and digital circuits, power circuits (power supply), high-frequency digital circuits.
      • RF design solutions, DVB tuners (terrestrial, cable and satellite) and wireless solutions.
      • Display technologies: monitoring, evaluation, definition of specifications as well as production or selection of suppliers

Communications Systems Design, Implementation and Integration.Alhambra Solutions provide an integrated communication Solution and consultancy to optimize business communications depending upon the size of organization.We have worked with a number of communication projects with government and private organizations.Our communication concept does not refer to a single product, but a solution consisting of various components and elements, including messaging (email, instant messaging, voice and video), telephony, conferencing, presence (telephone and line), knowledge and status of devices, and sharing of information, all available to the users.

In the fast business world today, companies need to be more agile and deliver higher quality customer quickly and profitably service. More and more companies are abandoning traditional work environments desk because most employees who work outside the office, either travel anywhere in the world, at home or between different offices or branches. In these dynamic work environments, companies need to communicate internally and with their customers anytime, anywhere.Alhambra Solutions help companies that need to be in touch face-enabling business processes and ensuring access to communication systems of the company at all times and in all places.