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Getting a management system with a customer relationship management functionalities is just a talk away from you.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the set of the methodology, information and processes that enable a company to manage its contacts with customers in an organized manner which build a relationship between a company and its customers.Systems based on the CRM systems are focused on predicting customer behavior with respect to the company. It can be defined as how to identify, acquire and retain customers. The purpose of CRM is that companies have a personalized service to the market, collecting as much information regarding clients and their needs, to anticipate their desires and create loyalty. This customer-focused strategy involves coordinating people, processes and technology being applied to businesses thanks to advances in IT.

SugarCRM Customization

CRM gives you dynamism, user-friendly environment and much more easiness. We are expert in CRM where the keys are not only customizing the existing modules, plugins and components but also creating our own custom new ones. One application with a business logic always has a customer base.

Alhambra Solutions developed CRM systems provide you the freedom. We integrate and automate all the tasks which are performed in any office. Our offered CRM solutions cover your all business management and offering full integration with office automation and document management. Our customized CRMs can meet any work flow which is being used in commercial, industrial and services, etc. A glimpse of our customized CRM  is as under:-

    • Complete control of all areas of the company.Sugar CRM Cutomized Dashboards
    • Making offers to customers.
    • Multilingual user.
    • Outputs listings.
    • Compliance LOPD (security, permissions and privileges).
    • Office automation and document management.
    • Management of e-mails and faxes.
    • Managing Jobs and dedications.
    • Managing contacts and visits.
    • Mechanization call.
    • Single Integrated Phonebook and internal messaging.
    • Tracking contacts and planning visits.Sugar CRM Capabilties
    • Management telemarketing and mailings.
    • Managing Affiliates
    • Configurable and adaptable to customer needs reports.
    • Modular and customizable system.
    • Grants from the program accessible through the Internet constantly updated.

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